1349 Brewster Drive, El Cerrito, CA

1349 Brewster Drive, El Cerrito, CA

Posted by NooshiAdmin in Properties, Sold 03 Dec 2018

Sold for $1,100,000

Beautiful Views and a very quiet neighborhood, with deer, owls and turkeys sharing the abundant open space. with great trails for hiking or biking. El Cerrito Shopping Plaza is just down the hill, as well as the great Rialto Cinema offering great dinners and wine while you enjoy a movie. The Arlington Park around the corner has a playground and lots of running space for an easy outing with kids. Both 580 and 80 are just down the hill and two blocks the H bus is an express route into San Francisco and the 7 goes down through Berkeley. North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto is just 10 minutes away! From the house you can see the whole Bay Area, from north to south, with the Golden Gate in the middle– on the Fourth of July, you can see fireworks in 4 different cities at the same time. The view of the sky and sunsets over the water is more beautiful than you can imagine!

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